Discoveries in the Minor Arcana

A while back (the post may be buried by the time I post this), a post in the Facebook group Kult RPG Fans started a discussion on what humans can even eat if they’re stuck in Metropolis. There was interesting discussion to be had, but what I am writing about here is based on some banter between myself and another poster on there, Alex. He suggested the “refreshingly exciting” option of hunting down a cairath and peeling off a rat or a dog or something less tasteful from its body. I found this hilarious, and responded with the joke that the cairath can’t hunt you, if you’re hunting it.

The interaction got me thinking about the taroticum (as many things in Kult tend to do). The suits in the minor arcana all carry a meaning, some metaphorical or physical transition that moves from the start of the suit until the end. I realized, after some contemplation, that the same applies to smaller sequences of cards. There may be millions of story elements and insights into the Kult world that we can glean from the way the tarot cards are sequenced.

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