Session 1: The My Gems Party

This is a session recap for my current Kult: Divinity Lost roleplaying campaign. Jessy Button is played by my wife, who also does the art, and I am the game master.


Jessy Button enters the large lobby of a nameless skyscraper in downtown Toronto. On the top floor, she knows, a party for influencers and sponsors of the newly launched app My Gems is taking place. On the guest list is Andi, a fine jewelry blogger and socialite that Jessy wants to get into contact with. Jessy herself, however, is not on that guest list.

Sharing the elevator with a few people, all but one get off on the top floor. Where the gray-suited gentleman who stayed behind is headed, none can say. Jessy expertly lies her way past the doorman and My Gems’ marketing specialist Shrey, allowing her into the party. Several large rooms with tables, couches, a TV showing the hockey game make up the scene. A DJ is playing music loud enough to make every conversation a bit strained, and a wide variety of finely dressed men and women get to know each other.

Jessy heads straight to the bar, as a drink in hand officially makes her part of the fun. She flirts plenty with the bartender William, who takes a liking to her yet still manages to spill her drink1. Some gets on Jessy’s dress, and one hissy fit later she’s in the back of the bar getting help from William with stain remover. At least he promises her that the next drink will be free.1Influence Other
Result: <9

Finally with a drink, Jessy spots Andi and sits down next to her. The two make friends quickly, and she shows Andi the ring she inherited from her mother. Andi knows plenty about it, which is what Jessy had been hoping for. Crafted by the old master jeweler Jeremiah Redwood of Granger Fine Jewelry, the ring is a unique creation and breathtakingly expensive, possibly priceless. She confides in Jessy that she believes the ring serves some symbolic purpose, as every ring like it that she’s heard of has been in the possession of some vastly wealthy and influential person, including the late Rob Ford. There is little enough info on these customized rings, but Andi seems eager to talk at least about what she knows.

As the party continues, Jessy manages to introduce herself to the My Gems founder, David Clap. The man enjoys talking a lot, and she learns at most that he started the project and company because of his own collector’s habit. Still, having a powerful man know her face and name is not without value.

She makes a more lasting impression on a man in flamboyant garb who introduces himself as Tan, one of the bigger investors for My Gems. He offers to buy her a drink, and another one, and invites her to the roof for a smoke and some more talk. Jessy is interrupted briefly by an influencer at the party who recognizes her, though he thought she’d moved away. In reality, she’d simply lied as a way to ghost him2. She makes a vague promise to talk to him, and hurries off. 2 Liar
Hold spent

On the rooftop, IR heaters are making the cold winter night bearable while the floor is shaken by the bass below. Strong-smelling vape smoke is thick in the air, but Jessy and Tan stand off near the edge to share a joint and speak privately. Tan takes an instant interest in her ring, offering up ridiculous sums of cash for it. Jessy, put on the spot, stammers out that she has to think about it, which Tan accepts for the moment.

Many more drinks later, Jessy is invited by Tan into a smaller room on the other side of the building, a glass wall giving a beautiful view of Toronto and the lake. In here, sushi is served from a naked lady on a central table while some man in the corner presents lines of cocaine for those interested. This place is by invite only, and Jessy is surrounded by the rich and powerful and their dull, giggling escorts.

The party rolls along until Jessy realizes she has a glass in her hand with some thick red drink in it. Everyone else has one too. Tan stands up, next to David Clap, and makes a toast to the room. It was all worth it! Everyone, including a startled Jessy who normally doesn’t accept drinks she hasn’t seen poured, drinks3. It tastes like blood. Hiding her disquiet, Jessy accepts Tan’s invite to the after party, which he warns her ‘might get wild’. 3 Act Under Pressure
Result: <9

The next morning, or mid-day, Jessy wakes up in her own bed, covered in vomit. Her head is pounding, and strapped tight to her face with a leather band is a mask of black stone. It depicts a grinning goat with bulging eyes. She at least finds some comfort in finding all of her belongings still on her, including her ring. Shame about the dress, though.


10 thoughts on “Session 1: The My Gems Party

    1. We’re gonna go down some dark roads, I promise you that. 🙂

      Yeah, I tend not to call for a lot of dice rolls, so both as a way to show others and to monitor my own GMing I decided to note down the results of every roll.

      (oh and thank you for the comment, not just for the kind words but also because I noticed that my dice roll formatting fucks up in my mobile browser. Time2Fix)

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    1. I’m glad! Overall I’m happy with how it looks, considering WordPress won’t let me write my own Javascript. -.- I’ve been sketching on making the roll display even better, but that may yet take a while.


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